Can you perform a leg massage for varicose veins?

Varicose veins are a common vascular pathology. In recent years it has been increasingly detected in young people. Where previously varicose veins were diagnosed only in women 40 and older, now varicose veins can be found in adolescents.

All this happens due to a change in lifestyle, stressful situations Work has become sedentary, you have to spend more time in the office at the computer, without the ability to actively move.

Some information about the disease

Varicose veins - a disease of the veins of the lower extremities that causes a violation of the blood supply. It develops mainly in the female population.

Often the occurrence of varicose veins is associated with heredity, varicose veins are transmitted through the maternal line. There are several reasons that can cause varicose veins.

One of these reasons is a long stay at work in a standing position or sedentary work sitting in front of a computer.

In addition, the causes of the pathology can be:

  • doing great physical activities;
  • frequent pregnancies;
  • overweight.

The first symptoms of varicose veins are heaviness in the legs when walking, standing for a long time, there may be a burning sensation, tingling and swelling. The affected limb changes body temperature, cools, and then changes color, cyanosis of the skin appears. Also, there is a loss of sensitivity. First, in the distal areas, with the extension to the proximal parts of the limb. Joint movements can also be limited, but this is already in the later stages. Superficial vein defects are visually determined. Its expansion, deformation and bulging are visible. It should be noted that often in the initial stages, varicose veins are asymptomatic, and when deep veins are affected, even outward through the limb it is impossible to determine the pathological process. This can only be done with the help of instrumental survey methods.

Couperose is similar to varicose veins. Unlike varicose veins, in which the venous vessels are affected, with rosacea, the small blood vessels (capillaries) are involved in the inflammatory process. They become brittle. The disease is manifested by the appearance of vascular networks on the skin. At low temperatures, rosacea flares can change their color from a bright red to a blue tint. More often women suffer from this pathology.

Couperose can also become chronic. You cannot treat it yourself.

What kind of disease prevention?

You can try to prevent the development of varicose veins. To do this, you must follow certain recommendations, not heavy ones.

Don't wear tight shoes. It should be replaced by a more comfortable one. It should be low-heeled (no more than 2-3 centimeters). Stilettos can be worn for special occasions, but at work it is better to wear comfortable shoes.

Sedentary work requires breaks. It is better to spend these breaks actively: walking down the hall, doing leg exercises just making waves. If possible, you can briefly place your legs at a level above your pelvis. It is advisable to change the position when you have to sit in front of the computer for a long time.

It is necessary to control the volume of water drunk, to control the norms of table salt. The amount of water should be about two liters per day. The individual dose of liquid for each patient must be calculated by a specialist.

When the first symptoms of varicose veins appear, it is necessary to buy special compression stockings. You can buy them in pharmacies. Consultants will help you choose the correct model. You don't have to wear these clothes all day.

Just wear compression stockings at work. This will help keep your veins healthy.

Is massage allowed for varicose veins?

Is it possible to massage legs with varicose veins

The severity of varicose veins, the location of the affected vessels play an important role in choosing a particular type of massage.

If the disease is in the initial stage, it has a mild form, there are no problems with the blood supply to the tissues, and the pathological focus is localized in the lower leg, then a massage can be prescribed, which can relieve the lymphatic and venous system. They call it lymphatic drainage. Helps improve blood flow. They begin to massage from the buttocks and thighs, then move to the lower leg area and finally down to the foot. Rubbing techniques are used for massage, alternating with rubbing.

In this case, do not contact the affected areas. Some experts practice the muscle shaking technique. During the procedure, the patient should lie on his back, the legs should be bent and slightly elevated. Rubbing begins on the healthy side and then moves to the diseased limb.

It is possible to improve the blood supply to the skin by pinching. First, the skin is pinched and then subcutaneous fat is involved in the process. Remember that itching, clapping and vibrating are prohibited.

The type of anti-cellulite massage is strictly prohibited. It is better to refuse this procedure. And if there is no meringue, you should definitely see a doctor to find out if it is safe for your health.

It is advisable to prescribe massages in combination with physical exercises. This combination will improve trophism, help blood and lymph outflow, and initiate metabolic processes in tissues.

When varicose veins are minor, foot exercise is prescribed. They consist of flexion, extension, rotational movements of the ankle joint, it is advisable to walk with a great elevation of the extremities. When the disease progresses and becomes severe, exercises are prescribed in a calm position - imitation of walking in bed.

Good results are achieved with hydromassage and syncardial massage.

Contraindications for home massage

how to properly massage legs with varicose veins

Massage sessions should not be performed for illnesses that are accompanied by an increase in body temperature above 37. 5 ° C, with severe pain in the back, with muscle stretching, and do not rub, iftrophic ulcers are seen on the skin of the extremities.

Its presence indicates a severe course of the disease and massage will no longer help. With a mild degree of varicose veins, this procedure will relieve tension, eliminate swelling and the feeling of numbness, distention. All this can only be achieved with the correct implementation of massage techniques.

As always, in addition to the indications, the contraindications are an important point.

The main ones for massage with varicose veins are:

  1. Inflammatory processes of the heart muscle and myocardium, acute phase.
  2. Heart defects, decompensation stage.
  3. Second-third degree of circulatory insufficiency.
  4. Hypertension (third stage).
  5. Processes in the veins, which are complicated by atherosclerosis, gangrene, impaired blood circulation in the brain.
  6. Thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.
  7. Allergic systemic angiitis.
  8. Contraindication: phlebitis.
  9. Vascular aneurysm.

Massage sessions should not be performed for diseases that are accompanied by an increase in body temperature above 37. 5 ° C, with severe pain in the back, with muscle stretching, and do not rub, if ulcers are visibletrophic in the skin of the extremities. Its presence indicates a severe course of the disease, and massage will no longer help.

With a mild degree of varicose veins, this procedure will relieve tension, eliminate swelling, and the feeling of numbness and distension. All this can only be achieved with the correct implementation of massage techniques.

Varieties of home massages

allowed types of foot massage for varicose veins

There are different types of massages. Each of them is unique and useful in its own way. A doctor should prescribe a foot massage for varicose veins at home.

There are several massage options:

  • Hydromassage.Take it out with a warm shower. I use strong water pressure. The limbs are gradually sprayed. Do not pour water on an area for a long time, or change the area to be sprayed abruptly. The movements should be smooth. They resort to a contrast shower. As soon as the legs warm up, the water temperature changes from warm to cold and vice versa. Repeat several times.
  • Cupping massage.It is empty, so it irritates the skin. Such irritation has a positive effect on the blood vessels. Blood flow improves, blood does not stagnate, painful sensations pass, and the metabolic processes of the tissues stabilize. Bruises that occur during handling are not scary and harmless. Soon they pass. The procedure can only be prescribed by a doctor. This massage can be done at home. Apply an emollient to the skin before placing the jars. Usually petroleum jelly or cream is used. Today, pharmacies sell special vacuum devices for this type of massage.
  • Self-massage.It is carried out only in the first manifestations of varicose veins. Do the following exercises. They sit on the sofa, one leg should be stretched and the other on the floor. The straightened limb should be caressed, making movements from the knee upwards. The leg is then warmed up with rubbing movements. The procedure is continued until minimal redness and warming of the skin. If painful sensations appear, you should immediately stop the procedure.
  • Hardware massage.The apparatus for its implementation is represented by high means. Pneumatic cuffs are placed on the walls of the stockings. During the pneumocompression procedure, air is supplied to the pneumatic sleeves. The injection begins in the feet and moves to the hips. With the help of such manipulation, the venous blood lymph is expelled from the vessels of the lower extremities. The massage effect in this case is very gentle. This made it possible to use this technique not only in the early stage of the disease, but also later.

It should be noted that only a phlebologist can answer the question whether it is possible to massage with varicose veins on the legs.

It is he who will be able to correctly assess the situation, taking into account all the possible risks, complications and positive aspects that will be the result of the procedure.

Tired legs massage

foot massage technique for varicose veins

Please rest a while before continuing. It is best to lie on a sofa, a sofa with your legs raised up. This will relieve stress on the lower limbs. After a 10 minute break, you can start a massage. You need to sit down, the leg should be straightened and begin the massage movements from the foot to the calf muscle.

When stroking, it is necessary to lightly press the foot, without touching the capillary stars. From the calf, it should go to the knee, and then to the thigh. The massage begins with a healthy leg, then the patient is massaged. The procedure can be done for no more than two minutes on each leg. The applause is next. For two minutes. After performing the manipulations, the legs are raised again for ten minutes. This creates an outflow of blood.

Can you perform a leg massage for varicose veins? The question is complex and controversial. But an independent massage is an extraordinary procedure. It doesn't take a lot of free time and effort to do it. Simply set aside a little time for your health, perform the procedure regularly and the result will make itself felt. Soon it will be much easier on the legs, the pain will disappear, the severe swelling of the legs will disappear, the skin will become much more elastic. And with regular procedures, you can completely forget about a disease like varicose veins.