Home remedies for the treatment of varicose veins

More and more women suffer from varicose veins, the disease has to disturb the young. How to help themselves remedies, and so it is necessary the laser surgery for the expansion of the veins, you can learn from the proposal the following material.

Varicose veins

What is effective treatment in his home varicose veins?

Clearly cured of this disease needs all the media available, because this does not sound scary, which can lead to death. The success in the treatment of varicose veins of the veins in the legs remedies is influenced by many factors, the main of them is the form of the severity of the disease, the bad. After all, many even discovered appear reddish spider veins, don't give them much importance.

In an early stage of the disease, it is enough to periodically make the tubs and put compresses, as well as use artifacts ointment. The form is executed requires pharmacological treatment, and sometimes without need for surgical intervention, it will not be. But even when the complex shape of the rupture of varicose veins home remedies can help relieve swelling and inflammation, improve the condition of the skin.

Selected from the methodology of self-treatment completely are not a substitute for medications, but it will strengthen your favor, what is important is that your action has been addressed to the following:

  • Repair of valves;
  • Improvement of elasticity and of the density of the walls of the veins;
  • Warning of blood clots;
  • The reduction of the coagulation of the blood, improves its fluidity;
  • Removal of the oedema, are used within the diuretics;
  • The provision of an anti-inflammatory action.

Home remedies for the treatment of varicose veins of the legs there are to choose non-toxic, it should be easy to prepare at home, a lot of time to be stored in a cool place, to be cheap and accessible, for example, that grow in the field house or the window sill.

Treatment in the home

One of the causes of varicose veins is genetic predisposition in the female line, if a family member has this disease as it was, I'm sure she has already employed the means, and concluded on their effectiveness.

Many recipes enjoys a generation of people. At its base are the plants and fruits of shrubs and trees. This treatment can be applied even after the surgical intervention.

Outside of the methods

Its action depends on the regular use of the media. Selecting one of them needs daily to perform the procedure with no omissions, and then already after two weeks of receiving the result.

Baths varicose veins

Have the property has a tonic effect, is applied in conjunction with the traditional forms of treatment, as well as remedies. Only can not be used when thrombophlebitis and tropical ulcers.

The grass
  • Baths with the use of baking soda well take away the "gravity" in the legs. Bulk component is cast directly in the bathroom, in the amount of a package. To the foot of the trays prepared in five liters of water, 5-7 tablespoons of baking soda. Soda bath is accepted within a quarter or half an hour, the temperature should be not more than 40 degrees. After the firmness of the specified time, you must rinse normal water and rinse. The tubs must be kept for at least 10 minutes, then the foot dry cleaned and lubricated special cream or ointment ort varicose veins.
  • For the preparation of baths for the recipe, you must first make the set of plants. In the prepared enameled the cube of the bending of the branches of a horse chestnut, willow and oak. That to them are added four packages pharmacist of the collection of the three herbs: the queue, the camomile and st. john's wort. All of these plants need to evaporate and stand the night, by the morning they are added separately to balls of three loaves of rye bread. All prepared decoctions are joined together and spill in the bathroom, which is then filled completely with hot water. On one side of the baptismal font, the patient should sit for about an hour.

The friction

Are able to improve the state of the blood vessels and the skin. For them, using products available in the kitchen almost all of the world.

Lemon friction. This citrus fruit is known as a tonic, and is of your property is also important in the treatment of varicose veins.

Rub the cider vinegar. It has on the skin firming and toning action. When selected in the store have to orientate themselves in the naturalness of the product, otherwise, your analog synthesis does not work. The best would be the 6% of your option, a little bit of fluid sprayed on a disk and processed varicose veins.

The procedure is repeated in the morning and in the afternoon, in a break between them of vinegar wash is not necessary, it has a cumulative effect, and each time that is going to act stronger.

The use of horse chestnut. It is made the tincture for rubbing, the prescription was known in antiquity. Is used the fruits of horse chestnut with the skin, its rotation in a meat grinder, loaded in 3 liters of a glass bottle, and then up to half of the capacity of the flood with 40% alcohol or vodka.

The tincture must be kept in a dark place for a month, the bank constantly excite, for its content to be homogeneous . Prepared medicinal product of the grease of the sick areas of the feet in a compulsory way in the night, and, if possible, several times a day.

The ointment

There are several effective of the trains, once you have the who, more than once, you can enjoy them for a long time, have in the refrigerator.

The composition of medicinal contains:

  • 1 part of flowers of acacia and chestnut, the leaves of the comfrey;
  • 5 parts of the roots of comfrey;
  • Part 2 of the pork fat

Dry components are mixed and filled previously melted animal fat, they are consumed in the fire for three hours, after receiving the tool filtered. The ointment is rubbed in areas infested by the skin, is sold and will remain in the body for three days. The course of treatment should be at least five of the procedures, if necessary, should be repeated at two weeks or not before 10 days.

The ointment difficult to wash, so that for their preparation it is important to highlight unnecessary a saucepan, put all the ingredients in the same number:

  • The ointment difficult to wash, so that for their preparation it is important to highlight unnecessary a saucepan, put all the ingredients in the same number: ointment "vishnevski" and Ichthyol, the juice of aloe vera and onion, honey, laundry soap (best in liquid form), lard in its purest form, without spices. All the components are mixed and heated, the smell of that "drink" unpleasant, but it is the only drawback, but the ointment is very effective. As soon as it is cool she has to use up to four times per day, lubricating the affected area. Some once tried to weld this composition only pass an ointment "vishnevski", but the effect will be necessary to wait more time.
  • Sweet ointment of beeswax it will also eliminate the visible signs of varicose veins. The prepared of two parts of beeswax and olive oil, and propolis, taken in a part. Ointment is ready after mixing the ingredients, she rubs warm two times a day. After it, you lose the spider veins in the legs, and here in the person applying it is not worth.


Not less of a powerful method of release from varicose veins, that of france.

  • Quick recipe of the release of red vascular "asterisks". Prepare for it from the leaves of the Kalanchoe that hit in the slurry and fill with 40% alcohol. Received two pack of the tool insists the period of 7 days. After the firmness of the composition is used as a compress, put it in the night.
  • Tomato the tool, in which you use tomatoes of any degree of maturity, it is often applied in summer and in autumn, in order to facilitate standing and symptoms of varicose veins. The sweat comments tomato compresses are very effective. There are several ways of using the green fruit is cut into large pieces and applied to venous nodes, and when it will begin a strong feeling of burning, fix them up and the feet are washed in cold water. Ripe tomato is cut to thin slices and placed on the convex of vienna and of the nodes, the procedure should be repeated five times a day.The two weeks of nodes in resolve.
  • To prepare this tool need to find a wild fern, an indoor plant do not possess such medicinal properties, its use requires more time to eliminate varicose veins. The leaves of the plants it is necessary to grind the right way, so that would involve a juice. In him you will have to add the sour milk (preferably from the beginning of the milk). With the mixture must lubricate the gauze and bandage for her affected by the disease in the area.
  • As a compress you can use whole cabbage leaves. It is necessary to previously foam economic, and soap, you should choose the color brown, without different additives). Sheet approach on foot, then bind over it with a cloth, just to sell you want to stand all night.


The methodology of use of leeches may be applied as varicose veins, and when thrombophlebitis. The leeches are sterile, can facilitate considerably the state of the legs, which facilitate venous valves work. Substance secreted by them dilutes the blood and let dissolve blood clots. This treatment is important when it occurs thrombophlebitis, varicose veins help of leeches has the short-term, because they can't influence the fraying of the wall of the vessels.

Before you perform this treatment should be performed tests of the coagulation of the blood, to rule out the occurrence of bleeding.

The reception of the media within the

The treatment of the food to anyone, do not lead, many diseases can disappear without a trace thanks to a regular consumption habits of products. Effective prescription of varicose veins:

  1. The grapes on an empty stomach helps to a few days to facilitate the vision of the disease. Your need to eat half a kilo along with the seeds and the skin. For the proper treatment of all the grapes, and only some of its varieties. The course of treatment – 3 days.
  2. The horse chestnut. He makes the tincture, as its base is used the fruits and flowers of the plants. 50 grams of the harvest of the raw material fill the floor of a litre of 40% alcohol or vodka, is placed in a crystal container and leave to infuse in hot, but a dark place for two weeks to the regular agitation of the vessel After the preparation of tincture of drink 40 drops per day for 30 days. By such a composition can be crushed leg. You can also consume the juice of fresh colored horse-chestnut, you will have to drink 30 drops daily two times a day.
  3. The onion or the garlic, cleaned from the husk, and then grind. It is necessary to take only 250 grams and add 350 grams of liquid honey. The mixture needs to stand out in the period of 7 days. The medication is taken between before eating three times a day for 1 tablespoon of the spoon. The course is of two months.
  4. The nutmeg, which is made the dye exerts a strong action on the state of the vessels, quickly resolved a problem with the varicose veins and has a long-term effect. It is necessary to take 100 grams of nuts, add 0.5 liters of vodka and insist 10 days, regularly shaking the container. After the completion of the shutter speed to sneak the tool and drink 20 drops before meals, three times a day. When a bottle of drugs to end, there is a rest of not less than one week, then the course of repeating, until the varicose veins will not fail.
  5. The verbena, also acts as an excellent tool in the fight against the extension of the vein, which acts in them is an invigorating way. You must make 15 grams of leaves verbena in a glass of liquid and take the medication every hour.
  6. Hop cones prepared in a water bath. It is necessary to take two tablespoons of nuts to grind and pour boiling water and then bring to a water bath for a quarter of an hour before the state of to stop your infusion half an hour. After casting the composition of the consumed 250 ml three times daily before meals. Of this infusion can be to wet a gauze pad and zoom in to surprised varicose veins places in parallel with the inside of your consumption.
The diet of varicose veins

The diet of varicose veins

She is unique in that it is suitable for people of any size. It is recommended to apply for the discharge of the agency before the self-treatment of varicose veins, to last not less than five days, after which the effect of a treatment for varicose veins in the conditions of home intensified.

At this time we have to try to exclude the products of bakery and pastry from flour of top grade, also do not consume coffee, alcohol, meat, and fish fat, to engage in the spices and seasonings.

The diet is based on the reception of fresh fruit and veggies. Simply endure: in the first two days, eating only berries and fruits and juice them. On the third day of the introduction into the diet of buckwheat and cream of rice, vegetable salads with vegetable oil, as the first may be a soup of stinging nettle. After the firmness of this diet for 5-7 days, you can go to your usual food.

For patients with varicose veins it is worth knowing that the foods with high content of starch they are contraindicated. If the potato can't be done, then, it is better to prepare in a "uniform" or just boil.

This diet not only helps to varicose veins, but also with other diseases, it is useful to clean the body, and the filling of their vitamins, but people who suffer from various gastrointestinal diseases, should take care of a lot of acid berries, not have led to their deterioration.

If you get rid of varicose veins some remedies do not work, then it is time to go to extreme measures, and to consider the possibility of performing an operation with laser.

Treatment of varicose veins with laser

The course of this disease occurs every one to his own way, the doctor taking into account this maps to the survey and, if necessary the surgical intervention, the patient will specify all the details of its realization.

This is because there are several laser treatments of varicose veins in the legs. Most often applies two of them:

  1. Percutaneous coagulation by laser. More of a gentle method, in which removes vascular expenses, but if the thickness of the vessels in it no more than 3 mm Ill processes the special location of gel and then through it passes the laser, the force that controls the device.
  2. Surgery with laser is performed at the expense of the influence of the thermal energy in the damaged vessels within. The principle is a prick with an anesthetic and then the place of the puncture is sanitized, it makes a puncture and put the led.