How you can completely cure varicose veins

Many men and women who face the problem of varicose veins in the legs, matter, is it possible to cure varicose veins. This disease refers to the number of pathologies that require therapy and the worst in relation to the recommendations of the specialists. To restore the health of the vessels and not to lose the full motor ability, it is necessary to know how to cure varicose veins completely.

cure varicose veins

Is it possible to cure varicose veins forever?

The huge amount of people who want to get a full answer to the question — if it is varicose veins. This disease is often chronic. Modern methods of treatment are not always possible to completely remove the patient from the problems with the vessels. The best that can be achieved, is not to eliminate varicose veins without a trace, and contain the further development of the infringement, and to avoid the occurrence of serious complications (venous ulcers, the states that lead to disability and death).

Physicians dealing with the therapy of pathologies venous (phlebologists, vascular surgeons), recommends choosing the best tactic for the fight against this disease and called to the understanding of varicose veins is a disease that requires long-term treatment.

The aim of the therapy of the disease

The patients are detected the veins varicosasom should not build illusions about the possibility of quickly cure pathology of the recipes or the latest fashion proscripsisse medications. The approach to the solution of the main symptoms and improve the general state of it would require much time and the application of different medicines.

The main objectives of the treatment of varicose veins are:

  1. The reduction of the symptoms.
  2. The deceleration of the progression of the disease.
  3. The prevention of dangerous complications.

The reduction of the symptoms

Varicose veins accompany several very irritating symptoms:

  • the distension of the vessels;
  • the appearance of blue color;
  • the swelling;
  • strong fatigue;
  • "buzzing" in the lower extremities;
  • itching;
  • the pain.
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Among the most serious, lead to trophic changes of the skin, with the difficulty undergo conservative treatment.

Appear the clinical manifestations of varicose veins are reduced only competent carefully the scheme of treatment. Traditionally consists of:

  • the reception of tablets of drugs;
  • physical therapy;
  • carry compressive;
  • the correction of the habitual way of life.

The deceleration of the progression of varicose veins

In the absence of the quality of the therapy varicose veins progresses quickly. With the years comes the growing unrest and deprives them of the ability to live a full life. Effective methodologies allow you to slow the advance of the disease, to delay or totally eliminate the time, when the need for surgical intervention.

The prevention of dangerous complications and consequences of varicose veins

Irreversibly as a result of varicose veins — the formation of blood clots in the veins, which represent a danger to life. Breaking, are able to close pulmonary artery and cause death.

Early detection and treatment can prevent this pathology and to avoid further death dangerous form.

It is curable if varicose veins without surgery

There are proven ways to reduce the manifestations of varicose veins and reduce the risk of complications, without the intervencin. To those who want to know how to cure varicose veins totally necessary:

  • review the usual way of life;
  • perform therapeutic exercises;
  • go to a healthy diet and other

The traditional way of solving problems — application of pharmaceutical medications are not conventional — hirudotherapy the media.

Change of life-style

Varicose veins it is recommended to go from a passive lifestyle moderately active. A please bring adequate physical activity. Them concern:

  • daily a two hours hiking;
  • cycling, cross-country skiing;
  • ride a bike at home.
cure varicose veins food

Prevent the venous stasis also contribute to the practice of swimming, aqualogy, water aerobics.

The diet

When performing the therapy, the diet becomes mandatory. Among the products that benefit alterations the blood vessels, are:

  • seafood;
  • buckwheat, oats, barley, wheat and oats;
  • fiber-rich fruits and vegetables;
  • natural chocolate and cocoa;
  • the tomato juice and flaxseed oil.

Varicose veins should resign:

  • of fat;
  • roast;
  • smoked;
  • baking;
  • coffee;
  • canned goods;
  • stew.

Compression therapy

The special use of underwear provides the pressure on the vein, which leads to improve the flow of blood and prevent its stagnation. The effect provided by the compression socks (stockings, leggings, sleeves, elastic bands) in many ways is similar to the natural pressure of contraction of the muscles. Such action is favorable to the normalization of the bleeding of the varicose veins.


Effective techniques of combating the disease are competently made exercises. They increase the tone of the vessels, improve the lymphatic system and the venous output, are translated into the standard flow of the arterial blood. More accessible standing exercises.

The complex effective exercises for varicose veins:

  • Lying on the back, to simulate a bicycle ride for several minutes.
  • In the same position to perform the "scissors" before the onset of fatigue.
  • Delivered in the abdomen, alternately lifted her legs, one of them in a few seconds, and then bend your knee and try to hit the heels to the buttocks (and each move made 8 to 10 times).
  • Sitting in a chair and leaning on the floor with heels, moving of the socks in all directions (no less than 15 repetitions).
  • Standing right and down of the hands "at the seams" meet "the swallow" — to keep the trunk of tilt and one leg parallel with the ground and the hands extended in the parties (15 repetitions).
  • In the same position to connect the heel together, socks breed apart and do squats, raising slightly at the knees on the side, and while lifting up at the socks (15-20 repetitions).
  • Within 10 minutes to comply by the tail of the march of the feet and the heels, up, elevating the hips.
cure varicose veins exercises

Varicose veins this simple complex, it is recommended to repeat 15 to 30 minutes twice a day — morning and evening. It should start with a small number of moves, observing the response of the body. In normal conditions the well-being of the amount of load gradually increased.

Especially, the exercises are recommended for people who lead a sedentary life.


Hirudotherapy — easily transmitted through the body of the procedure, with a minimum of contraindications. This method allows you to get rid of spider veins, reduce trophic changes, pain and inflammation, improve the nutrition of the tissues. Medicinal sessions with the application of leeches should be performed only in specialised centres under the supervision of an experienced professional.

Popular of the methodology

Natural medicine offers many ways of combating the veins varicosasom:

  • compresses;
  • tincture;
  • the dressings;
  • medicinal drinks.

To prepare compresses and bandages more frequently of horse chestnut, burdock, honey, apple cider vinegar, green tomatoes. Within taking teas and beverages, nutmeg, daucus crowned, walnut leaves, fruits of hawthorn.

These tools often act as subsidiary treatments. Before use, you should consult with your doctor.

Radical measures

The radical need of the methods of treatment of varicose veins, occurs in the following cases:

  1. The lack of effect of the use of medicines and the media.
  2. Active progression of the disease.
  3. The education of venous leg ulcers.
  4. The development of acute thrombophlebitis.

The patient can be displayed minimally invasive manipulation or complete the surgical intervention.

Minimally invasive medical manipulation

To minimally invasive manipulation are:

  • sclerotherapy;
  • the laser ablation;
  • radiofrequency obliteration;
  • microflebectomy.

The advantages of the use of these techniques of minimum penetration into the body of the patient, effective, and rapid postoperative recovery.

The surgery

The more complex and complicated views of the surgical intervention is phlebectomy — procedure for removal of the diseased veins, which is performed by a vascular surgeon.

This method of treatment often lead to complications and should only be applied in cases in which other forms of therapy do not bring any positive result.

cure varicose veins girudoterapiya

The prevention of varicose veins

To prevent the development of varicose veins will help the following steps:

  • the resignation of the lead to the close shoes and well slinky underwear;
  • the containment of a set of excess weight;
  • avoid excess of physical activity in their feet.
  • gymnastics for the lower extremities and massage;
  • the emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and a dietary food.