Compression garment varicose veins

When the venous insufficiency and as preventive measures it is recommended to use special white clothing. Compression garment adjusts the flow of blood from the venous system of the legs, and prevents the formation of stagnation. It is important to choose the right underwear for varicose veins, otherwise the expected effect will not work, and the money will be spent in vain. What clothing is the best for varicose veins and as a model for your feet, they will speak of our specialists.

Compression garment

    The pressure in different parts of the leg of the right bands with the following:

  • The upper part of the calf - 70%;
  • Femoral part of a 30%.

Compression garment of varicose veins affecting the leg, as well as the correct bands. Therefore, the first time to the sick when it is used, it is observed the discomfort, to which man is accustomed very quickly. Under the influence of the external pressure veins constrict, which improves the circulation of blood. Correctly pick-up of clothing, created at the foot of the cover, which is similar to the load during the muscle work during walking.

Thanks to the influence of the lower extremities can be achieved effects:

  1. During the initial stage of varicose veins, warns the varicose veins in the legs.
  2. Improves the blood flow, which increases the nutrition of the tissues of oxygen.
  3. Warns the formation of a blood clot in the venous system.
  4. It reduces the swelling.
  5. Disappears the gravity and the pain.

Among the disadvantages it stands out the high price really effective and of quality of the model and the uncomfortable feeling of the first time when used. The high price is explained by the use of the latest technologies in manufacturing. But the savings in health has never led to good results. And unpleasant pulsing sensations through several days of socks disappeared, so that the foot is customary.

Types and materials

In pharmacies and specialty shops are available for the following underwear types of varicose veins: stockings, trusses, hosiery, socks, leggings. Run a product instead of the usual every day wear.

In the composition of the fabric for the manufacturing includes elasticated nylon thread, polyester microfiber, spandex. The seams are not available or are soft. Externally, the clothing is a little different from the usual.

This close to the season and wear comfortable clothes how much time it wears out and does not cause allergies. The skin of the legs and breathe constantly receive micro-massage. The medicinal properties of the products purchased through the manufacturing process. When the toe and the care of the clothing of varicose veins in the legs do not lose their therapeutic properties during 6-8 months.

Therapies effects of products against the varicose veins are divided into groups:

  • For prevention — was used in the early stages of the disease (see vascular spiders, at night, it appears the swelling and the pain).
  • Medicinal, has been in the time of a chronic form of varicose (veins are swollen constant pain and heaviness of the extremities swollen).
  • Hospital — is dressed after the surgery for the maintenance of the tissues in the desired position.

The most common type of prevention product. The fabric is not dense, and the maximum force of the pressure in the leg of 18 mm hg.

Prevention of the model will show not only the sick varicose veins, but also to the people in the risk group if your every day life is one of the factors:

  1. The work is performed sitting or standing, standing in the feet.
  2. There is an excess of weight.
  3. Acquired or congenital diabetes mellitus.
  4. Heart failure.
  5. Age greater than 45 years.

Purchase a compression garment for preventive action in the counter. To buy is not necessary, the appointment of the professional. Important to properly adjust the size and the type. The model of the medical action will only sell in the network, and its acquisition requires the assignment of a doctor — flebologa.

Therapeutic clothing in function of the compression is divided into classes:

  • I the class. The pressure of the fabric on the leg of not more than 23 mm of hg. Of use recommended in patients with already appeared "asterisks" and partially to be swollen veins.
  • Class II. The pressure to not more than 33 mm of mercury. The model is applied as an initial treatment phase of thrombophlebitis and varicose veins of medium severity.
  • III class. The pressure of the fabric of more than 45 mm of hg. Use products recommended sick of venous insufficiency in the severe forms, with problems of trophism.
  • IV class. The pressure of the fabric upper to 50 mm hg. It is recommended that patients with disorders in the functioning of the lymph to relieve the swelling of the legs.
Compression garment for varicose veins

The price of the model of prevention of varicose veins is lower than that of the medicinal. And also affects the cost poor without torsion of the brand and the quality, used in the manufacture of materials.

A model for the strong half of

Men are less likely to suffer from varicose veins, but the 30% are affected by the disease. For the prevention men's varicose veins of the knee and stockings. They are dressed up as socks, but have a length of a little below the knee (the golf) and (middle) until the middle of the femur part. Are made special of the knee to make sport activities, with a antiseptic with silver ions, which absorbs the bad smell of the feet.

A model for the weaker sex

For women the clothes of varicose veins features a wide range of models: socks, stockings, socks. There is a special line for women who are active and full of women. Choose clothing depending on the size, otherwise, the compression ratio is distributed wrong, and the medicinal properties are lost. The stockings should fit snugly to the body and finish strictly at the waist.

For the feedback women's compression stockings difficult to wear, but at the time of socks that does not slip. Average end up above the middle of the thigh and are fastened with the help of the silicone on the ribbon. Can be used as a separate item of costume or put under simple tights or leggings.

Socks and stockings are produced for therapeutic and preventive action. Are selected individually on the basis of the integrity of women and the degree of the disease.

Select your size

How to pick the compression garment of varicose veins? Taking into account the size, the degree of compression and its material possibilities. It is recommended not to save and buy the quality of the model. How to determine the size of the clothes correctly will be explained below.

When you select the golf is measured:

  1. The circumference of the ankle above the ankle.
  2. The circumference of the leg just below the knee.
  3. The height of the knee to the foot.

When you select the average of the same measures, plus:

  • Hip circumference (measured above the knee of 25 to 30 cm).
  • The height of the circumference of the hips to the feet.

When you select the average to the measurements, is added to the circumference of the waist. Each manufacturer specifies the dimension line on the packaging of the product. Specialized in shops and pharmacies is enough to provide your measurements and the product is adjusted individually.

Takes compression garment for varicose veins of each day. At night, the product is removed, should be rinsed with warm water without air-conditioning and drying. It is not recommended to often delete the things and the drying of the energy of the battery. This reduces considerably the time of service. Like wear a compression garment for varicose veins depends on the severity of the disease in each case.

As well as with dannoy sock compression underwear cause discomfort, we recommend that you start with the cheap models. There are cases in which the patient is not suitable for the clothes of compression of the effects and return the money you can not.