Reticular varicose veins: the development of the signs, as cured

And I have here a defect aesthetic or cosmetic varicose veins (informal terminology), do not represent a danger to the life, but they create problems for young people and women, who are suffering especially, call it even the doctors who work the treatment of varicose veins, surgery of the vessels of the venous system. As to the men, who constitute a small group among all patients with reticular varicose veins, in addition, "such a trifle" - representatives of a strong half of mankind", may not notice or realize that it does not stand out in her attention.

Reticular varicose veins

It should be noted that in the west, in the terminology there is really no such disease, simply, if at some point in their life, through the skin of the legs (usually female) starts to look vascular expenses, speak to the larger reticular veins.

Only aesthetic failure?

As the disease is or not? Do you need to treat it and what methods of treatment of reticular varicose veins requires?

Experts ' opinions differ: some, respectful of the defeat of the small vessels of the venous system exclusively to the cosmetic defects, do not consider the pathological states, so that we do not insist on the treatment of reticular varicose veins. Others, on the contrary, they claim that anyway has its origin in the regime of the insolvency (failure) of the venous valves of the vessels, therefore, allowing to carry out the prevention and try by all available means.

Did not want to intervene in the dispute of the professionals and take sides, I would like to share the doubt that if in absolute terms the health of the vessels reticular of vienna would hardly ever manifest. And where is the guarantee that the varicose veins, it created only an unpleasant appearance of the epidermis in the youth, will not be limited to the superficial veins, shall not affect the validity of the deep vessels and will not present the disease in an age more mature, with all the consequences and complications?

Reticular varicose veins are not distinguished so obvious signs of disease, such as other types of varicose veins. As a general rule, it is a "figure", folded in small veins and interwoven threads glasses of different colors (green, lilac, dark blue). The preferred location of the location of the reticular type of disease – the skin of the lower extremities.

From the beginning up to the sixth degree of the injury

Often reticular varicose veins of the feet appears to people, perhaps with venous insufficiency. Subsequently, it is possible the progression of the varicose veins and to improve the degree of failure of the device venous vessels, in which, in reality, building a of the classifications of varicose veins. This classification is considered the development of the disease over a long period of time, determines in its progression of six stages, without having virtually zero and, accordingly, is divided into many classes:

  • Class 0 (zero stage) – at this stage, in addition to heaviness in the legs, other symptoms of disease of the vessels of the patients do not notice;
  • Class 1 (first phase) – x-ray through the skin of the facies of the expenses of the small vessels , and there are reticular varicose veins (or telangiectasias), other symptoms of the disease may still be missing;
  • Class 2 (second stage) – are clearly in the dilation of the blood vessels (veins);
  • Class 3 (third stage) – you feel the heaviness in the legs, with swelling;
  • Class 4 (fourth stage) – the skin on of advanced the veins scratch it constantly, it changes its natural colour, becomes dark brown;
  • Class 5 (fifth stage) – consider that it already works for the occasion, as places to scratch become even heal ulcers trophic;
  • Class 6 (sixth stage) – with ulcers that do not heal,handle is becoming increasingly difficult, or even impossible.

Depending on what changes have occurred with venous vessels in the pathological outcome of the transformation, we distinguish forms of the varicose disease: cylindrical, serpentine, or the one described in the issue of the option - reticular varicose veins, flowing with the defeat of the veins of small caliber. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who have the propensity to illnesses, they are marked all forms of immediately.

Therefore, reticular varicose veins of the lower extremities, which constitutes the first phase of a pathological process under the name of "varicose veins". This disease – which is not another thing, as the set of irreversible changes of the venous vessels (the elongation, the extension, the defeat of the wall), occurs mainly as a result of the failure of the venous valves.

The causes of the development of reticular varicose veins

The reasons are the development of the failure of the device and, as a result, the varicose disease, doctors categorized into:

  1. The inheritance and congenital abnormalities - weakness of the vascular walls (the presence of lesions of the venous vessels family members assumed to be active in the prevention of disease);
  2. The female sex (pregnancy, childbirth, the reception of oral contraceptives drugs for long periods of time, the period menopausal);
  3. Of the professional activity, which consisted of a long stay in the legs or in a sitting position;
  4. Digestive obesity (foot falls, "bad", taking the excess load of work);
  5. The violation of the processes of metabolism;
  6. Different endocrine pathology;
  7. High blood pressure;
  8. Severe liver injury (hepatitis, cirrhosis);
  9. Immunologic reactions.

In addition to these pathological conditions of the changes of the venous vessels, can make the active smoking and bad food – this category of people reticular varicose veins of the feet which develops more often than those who aspire to a healthy lifestyle.

Few signs of

the signs of varicose veins

Reticular varicose veins of the lower extremities cannot be distinguished from the abundance of the symptoms. Often, you are limited only symptom is irreversible, the color change of the skin as a result of the work through the skin, "pattern", made of interwoven threads of the small vessels, yes fleeting sensation of itching, due to the stay in the cold or the contact with the allergen.

Among other features of the varicose veins are:

  • Heaviness in the legs;
  • The unpleasant sensations in the field of pimples;
  • The pain and swelling in the afternoon;
  • Maps of intradermal hemorrhage;
  • Seizures (rare trait).

The patients normally do not link the symptoms appear with the change of the small vessels of the venous system, therefore, complaining of the feet and orienting the symptoms of their disease, they suspect it is very different from the disease. The presence of cardiovascular disease the veins of the capillaries and extended surface waters of the vessels of small caliber, as a general rule, the patients do not take into account, and, stirring of the "bother the doctor", declaring: "They very much to me, but I never gave problems".

Release forms

Treat reticular veins varicose many test different pharmaceutical dosage forms of the prepared medicated (tablets, capsules, gels, ointments, creams), which affect the blood vessels of the venous system superficial. The most popular in this sense, are considered:

  1. Rutosidepossessing P-vitamin activity, and through this reinforce the walls.

In the meantime, get rid of cosmetic of the lack only of the pharmaceutical dosage forms it is almost impossible. Fortunately, at present, the treatment of reticular varicose veins minimally invasive methods presents no difficulty and is widely used in our country.

To completely remove boring reticular vienna with:

  • Phlebectomy – a procedure without pain (it is done with the application of local anesthesia) and does not require rehabilitation (only the use of the tissue compression point), despite the fact that it involves the stretching of the affected surface of the container and the subsequent cleavage, which looks a bit creepy;
  • Sclerosing therapy, which provides for the introduction into the glass of a special solution (usually in the form of foam), glued to the walls for later dissipation. If you use this method, the recovery period may take up to 10 days, since the patient has to take adapted to the bandage, superimposed in the place of the puncture of the vein. It is not very suitable for the treatment of reticular varicose veins, has as the only symptom of network, formed by small capillaries, as to introduce the fluid prepared with the help of the injection of the needle, than to a, it is not easy;
  • Laser coagulation – the favorite patients of methods to combat this problem. In this case, the wall of the vessel adheres to the laser energy.

Despite the fact that the first two methods do not leave traces of the influence of healing in the affected vessels, the laser therapy has been and remains the most popular method. Of the patients, even those not put off by the fact that after the treatment of reticular varicose veins with laser, along the glass venous you can experience the sensation of pain, ecchymoses, and sometimes, after several days, it is possible to increase the temperature of the body (low grade fever). Nsaids (nonsteroidal anti – inflammatory drugs- nimesulide, diclofenac and others) in the shortest possible time to eliminate those small annoyances, but then the new cosmetic of a defect in this place never appears. As in the case of other surgical operations (large and small) close knit (stockings, tights) made and in the period of rehabilitation after treatment of reticular varicose veins by laser photocoagulation.

A few words about the prevention and popular media

Trite, the phrase "the disease is easier to prevent than to cure" means that, in this case, in the first place the prevention of the defect, and then move to a treatment of remedies and pharmacy medicines, if not to avoid that still failed.

In terms of prevention, in relation with reticular varicose veins your carry out not only possible, but necessary, especially if the majority of the close relatives, because we looked at the data by default. To ensure that the skin does not leap out "the snake" elongated and detailed of the capillaries, it is necessary to:

  • To be a supporter of a proper nutrition, the eradication of the harmful food cravings;
  • Forget about the problems of alcohol and cigarettes, the consumption of strong coffee to regulate strictly;
  • Do not ignore regular use of compression, and in the morning or the evening, but all day at gymnastics (there are special exercises for the prevention of reticular varicose veins – "scissors", "bike");
  • It is desirable to register in the pool and regularly, but stop baths and saunas;
  • Avoid excessive exercise.
the prevention of the

Many worshipers of alternative medicine continue to insist on the treatment of remedies for any disease in particular, and as described. Without a doubt, ointments, infusions, broths produced in the home, a well is not excluded, however, may be only in relationship with the symptoms of the disease, if they have place (heavy legs, swelling, cramps), but completely free of cosmetic defect, carry the vessels, in the original (healthy) state similar to the medication is under the force.

Of any varicose veins, in principle, cannot be at once and for ever without out of use minimally invasive, but the physical interventions or large the surgery (if other exit already is not there), and the conservative therapy and is not designed for the complete elimination of all the problems. And pharmaceutical, and home remedies is only a "calming" of vienna, to create a comfortable environment and, therefore, decrease the pathologic manifestation of the process.

As the treatment of remedies are used tinctures fruits of the horse chestnut, nettle, Kalanchoe. Popular in the town of apple cider vinegar diluted in water in a ratio of 1:10 – them before bed and rub the leg. Some people do compress of curdled milk and notice a relief in the legs, and the disappearance of the painful sensations.

In the meantime, the reader probably would agree that when reticular varicose veins, diagnosed for the sole reason (intricate pattern in the skin of a lower limb) and flows without any other symptoms, and treatment of a cosmetic defect long and hard popular or pharmacy media, it is likely that you want. Young women who are interested in the beauty of their own feet, probably, are going to look for clinics that offer to get rid of the problems in a single blow, and older persons, probably, will not give the values of the grid, if larger vessels when this have been left intact and do not cause any discomfort. Each his own...