Varicose veins treatment remedies at home

Varicose veins is a disease of the veins peripheral, that is to say, its extension, the extension of the and the deformation. It occurs most often in the legs. Normally varicose veins appears because of the bad circulation of the blood. But there are a number of reasons: it is incorrect the treatment of the frequent constipation, lack of exercise, tight shoes, smoking, pregnancy. The treatment of remedies to cure the speakers of vienna. Although to begin with, we must go to the consultation of the doctor. And we give you tips methods for the treatment of the disease at home.

varicose veins treatment home remedies

Recipes for the treatment of varicose veins popular methods of

The first thing that you will notice the appearance of varicose veins, is the swelling of the legs, appear cramps the muscles of the legs, tired all the time. On skin the varicose veins of brown and dark brown of the stain. However, popular techniques can help to deal with the problem.

Here are some tips that will help you in the treatment of varicose veins. First of all, it is necessary to ensure the normal flow of blood in the lower extremities. People sitting the work or vice versa, that the greater part of the day are not in the feet, it is necessary to perform simple exercises to prevent stagnation of the blood. Turn the feet part, go up to the socks, it becomes alternately at the tip and at the heel. It can be more invent exercises for varicose veins, the efforts to improve the circulation of blood in the legs.

Baths reflexology in the treatment of varicose veins

You can apply the following home remedies for the treatment of varicose veins.

Brew with boiling water branches of chestnut tree, of its fruits, the flowers, let it stand for hours. Then drop in hot cooking of the feet. For this costume also leaves of birch, burdock, stinging nettle. Take your spoon and brew with boiling water. Keep feet in the cooking takes about 30 minutes for the healing of varicose veins.

Compresses popular tool of varicose veins

The list of media that will come in help for the treatment of varicose veins surgery the veins, is not small. This means, and the massage room and physiotherapy, physical exercise in the form of certain exercises, cryo - and hirudotherapy, thalassotherapy. Of all these more efficient methods is that of folk medicine, with its proven the time of the recipes.

  • Cut the green tomatoes, attach your teeth to the veins and roll up the bandage. Keep you need to the slight burning sensation. Then pack replaced by a new one, and make up to five of these approaches.
  • Another recipe from the pack: take the kefir and add the pre - crushing the leaves of sagebrush. Apply on the legs, roll up and allow to stand for 2 hours. After a couple of weeks of daily use of vienna should decrease.

The friction of the house is the method of treatment of varicose veins

Take a glass jar and fill it half full of the leaves of lilac. Pour the schnapps. Insist week in a dark place. Mashed vienna varicose veins below above, in the course of the blood stream.

The treatment options enough, you just have to choose the one that is right for you, and believe in success. And if to be more active and exercise, the disease of we retreat even faster.

Popular recipes of ointments from varicose veins

  • Mix a spoon rhizome hillbilly of the dragon, the grass clover, flowers calendula, add 100 ml of boiling water, 75 g of vegetable oil, 75, interior of the the pork fat.
  • Mix for the treatment of varicose veins remedies a tablespoon of flowers red clover, flax seed, mint leaves, roots of dandelion, flower the camomile chemist's, of grass celandine, eucalyptus leaves. Pour 3 tablespoons of the herbs in the 100 ml of boiling water and cook, stirring continuously, 5 minutes. Add 75 g of vegetable oil and 75 g of internal fat of a pig. Keep the ointment best the fridge, put in weapons influenced by the place and cover with 2 layers of bandage and polyethylene the package above Sabitova. By the day of the need for change 3 bandages to get rid of varicose veins.
varicose veins home treatment

Compresses in the treatment of varicose veins

  1. Of the col are required in large sheets, that kick as it is due. A part of the cabbage smeared with vegetable oil and applied to a sick person the places of work. Bind the bandage and not to shoot throughout the day. Course of treatment of varicose veins this method is necessary to follow a month.
  2. When it occurs ulcers varicose veins can be treated with their potatoes. The potatoes very finely rubbed and is applied in the place of the ulcer, the thickness of the pellet must be 1 see Above is placed a gauze, then the package and all is fixed by the bandage. Keep 5 hours, after having a new portion. The dressing can wet the juice of the potato.
  3. Wormwood rubs and 1 tbsp mixed with 1 tbsp of milk curd. Abundantly moisten the gauze from the mixture and attach to the advanced of the veins. What is the treatment of varicose veins 5 days ago. A few days of rest and again repeat the procedure.
  4. In the same way pretty effective in treatment for varicose veins is considered to be the so-called the use of a compression method. The course has a duration of about ten days. You need every day, preferably at night to apply to the sick places of bandages pork in the lung, which is pre-cut into small wedges.
  5. Just a powerful method of treatment for varicose veins remedies is the compress in the form of finely cut pieces of pork easily in a few minutes. A procedure of this type is best done in a period of 10-12 days. For the placement as well in the same way to enable the use of small slices of fresh and ripe tomatoes.
  6. If surprise quite extensive, it is best to use as popular method of oil, that a time is ortus in the mature nuts. Of the technology, this oil should withstand the sun, approximately forty days. Only this oil will be really useful.

Decoctions and infusions in varicose

  • For the treatment of varicose veins remedies, fill a glass of boiling water 1 tablespoon a tablespoon of leaves and bark of hazel, insist on two - three hours, poured and take a quarter cup before meals 3 – 4 times a day).
  • Take half a liter of vodka, fill this vodka 50 g of seeds of horse chestnut. Close firmly the capacity with the mixture and put it in a cold place. During two weeks insist, all the days of shaking. Each day, take to treatment of varicose veins remedies 10 drops 4 times a day during the 4 weeks.
  • Press the juice of 200 g of the flowers of horse chestnut and drink 25 drops 2-3 times a day to get rid of varicose veins remedies.
  • Prepare a mixture of herbs: take the mole (100g), gallium-the present (100g), horse-tail field (30g), the herb agrimony (10d), the leaves of the wild strawberry (10 g). Add the mixture of dimidium sextarium of boiling water and insist half an hour. Drink the infusion 3 times in the day during 1 month.
  • Mix one tablespoon of flowers of rowan, a tablespoon of rhizome Wheatgrass, pour all the boiled water glass. Close firmly. Later, you should insist 20 minutes. Drink for the treatment of varicose veins remedies of two vessels along months to get rid of varicose veins.
  • Place in a bottle of 20 g rhizome of the chorus, pour dimidium sextarium apple wine. It is necessary to insist 2 weeks in a cool place. Drink three times a day before the food (30 minutes) per two tablespoons.

The methods of the therapy of varicose veins decoctions

Our ancestors know very many and various natural remedies, however, not all are equally useful to your body. Some media are used for consumption abroad, and some have to eat or drink. Therefore, consider the main recipes of the most useful and effective recipes of broths such as the method of treatment varicose veins, which have already helped a specific number of people.

varicose veins the home treatment of brews
  • For the treatment of beer, acacia flowers, instare, and apply as foreign the tool. To the patient the location of the stain and rub. To effectively treat varicose veins, it is desirable to make the procedure in the evening.
  • The leaves of the nettle is filled with ½ liter of boiling water and insist 40 minutes. Strain and take 3 q. on the day of 1/3 of a cup an hour after eating.
  • The white willow bark 2 tablespoons penetrate 2 tablespoons of boiling water and boil 15-20 minutes of Taking bath for 30 minutes. You can also traders mix with the bark the oak, it also helps to treat varicose veins.
  • Mix the chamomile, violet, the field horse-tail, st. john's wort, yarrow, flowers calendula, oak bark – all are in equal proportions. Take 1 tablespoons of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, stand for half an hour, strain and take with the firing of the tub for the treatment of varicose veins remedies.
  • 250 grams of garlic pour honey 350 grams is mixed carefully and insist 7-8 days. Take 1 tablespoons of € 3 per day before meals, to 40 minutes to Treat varicose veins in this way, along 1 and 2 months.
  • For more warm baths it is desirable to use a broth, it is best to prepare of the following mixture of major medicinal plants: take a part of the all the major components. This should be of white willow bark, or the cortex of the normal oak, take a portion of the bark of the chestnut normal, and the part of the herb st. john's wort, which you can buy in the pharmacy.
  • If you are not allergic to – to take the part of the flowers of a camomile chemist's. For this method of treatment varicose veins it is necessary to take around 300-400 grams of this dry the mixture, then pour two litres of normal water and then cook in a small the fire for half an hour, then strain. Add then in the bathroom when the water temperature up to 39 °C. to Accept such a bath for the treatment of varicose veins remedies it is necessary not less than 30 minutes.
  • Try to use for the treatment of varicose veins on the inside of the decoction of fresh or dried leaf of the verbena of the medication. Need a dining room the spoon is from the dried leaves pour a glass of abrupt boiled water. Then cook simmer for 10-12 minutes, let cool, and then strain. This mixture should be drinking three reception preferably at the time of taking a bath.
  • Very useful as a method of treatment of varicose veins strong decoction of these hop cones. For its preparation take one tablespoon of dried, pre-cut pineapples, fill a glass of water and then heated in a water bath somewhere in 15-20 minutes. Drinking at the time of taking a bath.
  • To accelerate the treatment of varicose veins is recommended to drink the decoction of the leaves ginkgo, biloba. To prepare the broth take two full tablespoons of dried, chopped leaves. Then, pour a glass of water, and then boil it in the fire small, no more than 10 minutes. All of this should be cool then it is necessary to strain; and it is advisable to drink during January of foreign affairs.
  • Veins in the legs in the treatment of varicose veins remedies happens much more efficient if you take the decoction of the bark hazelnut normal. For cooking you need a tablespoon of dry, confectus of the cortex. Must necessarily pour a glass of of running water and then cook over low heat until boil 10-12 minutes
  • Leshchina, or rather its crust, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and cook about 10-15 minutes. Drink for the treatment of varicose veins-remedies 4 € per day before meals in ½ the glass.

Methods for the treatment of varicose veins infusions

There are a number of methods of treatment of varicose veins, without drugs the intervention can help to overcome the disease:

  • The kidneys of a birch ¾ fill with 0.5 liters of vodka. Leave a little to be insistida and then you can lubricate the place, weapons influenced by the veins varicosasom..
  • In half-liter bottle, throw chopped, and the leaves of Kalanchoe and fill up The 40% alcohol (vodka). Insist week, periodically shaking the content of the. Tincture to rub on the injured ankle in the night. Treat spider and varicose veins such the procedure required over 4 months.
  • A good tincture. Take still green, nuts, that is to say, not maintains, and pour fresh olive oil. This tincture is necessary to put in some all a sunny spot, and left as well worth of 40 days. This tincture it is necessary to lubricate the sick of plots for the treatment of varicose veins.
  • When this disease is recommended in the evening due to rubbing the feet of the tincture, what is done on the basis of the leaves Kalanchoe. The recipe of the dye is quite simple. You need half of paul-liter bottles to lay the chopped leaves Kalanchoe, and then, simply pour this container is filled to the top quality of vodka. What is the tool it is necessary to insist week in a dark place, the entire mixture can be stirred periodically, but before drinking be sure to drain. The general course of such treatment should compose 4 months.
varicose veins treatment at home of the tincture

Characteristics of the disease treatment remedies

According to statistics, varicose veins many misunderstanding and fear. How is the complex disease that can be treated simply herbs? Well, in the first place, not only herbs, and the whole system, and in the second place, it is sometimes even more effective in the treatment of varicose veins and is the only possible one.

Of course, many feel that the treatment remedies varicose veins - absolutely ineffective method of treatment, however, many actually helped in practice.

The complexity of the treatment of varicose veins remedies is absolutely all patients are contraindicated of various types, spa tubs, as well as a sauna, or continuous long-stay in the same place, and for the girls the main contraindications - high heels.

The onset of the disease looks pretty innocent - it is characterized by only small painful sensations and visually small swelling of the veins. Already in the later stages varicose veins gives more various drawbacks: sometimes appear sharp muscle cramps, and tiredness.

That is why it is necessary to begin varicose veins remedies early. It is absolutely it does not hurt and is not difficult. And, oh, believe me, much better than medications. There is a lot of time a large number of methodologies that help to cure even more difficult the disease. This includes the varicose disease.

Treatment of varicose veins remedies that has already helped a dozen people. Popular methods have a great advantage, do not affect in any way the work of the kidneys and the liver, and may even have some reinforces the action of the the whole body in general.