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  • Beatriz
    I have at the moment varicose veins is not strong, the initial phase, but they decided not to start and begin treatment right away, as you have noticed varicose veins. I take in this moment for about a month. I do not say that the effect is instantly visible, but now clearly visible. The texture is very soft, is absorbed quickly, it does not smell nasty like a lot, especially I like to use varikosette in the evening, after a day of legs for immediate ease of this appears.
  • Diogo
    Varicose veins - a common problem of ex-athletes, and that from me, she has not long passed. The posterior surface of the thighs and calves flushed, the veins as if it throbbed, and visually, what was that in the veins as if it clots... Very good helped to deal with these symptoms of varicose veins cream is varikosette. If you also these problems - try to help!
  • Matilde
    Varikosette it is a cream that is able to remove the swelling, heaviness in the legs, pain. Unfortunately, the vienna he is not affected, which is logical. Still no whipped cream could not beat the disease. The consistency is quite easy, because the cream is absorbed for a couple of minutes. Fat and will not leave. In the first 5-7 minutes after application you feel the cool and pleasant on the skin, especially in the hottest time of the year. I have in the morning, the feet like cotton, even getting out of bed sometimes is hard not to talk about work. Apply the cream, I'm going, then as a young man. Begins to act minutes through 10, not before. But and the action very limited - from 1 to 2 hours I feel okay, the pain does not, then you need to re-stain. In general, as emergency assistance is good for nothing. Still very good helps to soothe plaintive laments legs at the end of the day, after work, "to the feet". Now I'm once in a when to stop using high heels. Well, and so, cream decent, if not wait of he wonders. Consumption is not economical, I buy them already 3 times. And already ends again (I put 3-4 times a day). If there is money, you can ask for. A good cream, not more.
  • Mariana
    Like many women, I love high-heeled shoes. Over the years, the legs began to tire very fast, at the end of the day feels the strong gravity, even hurts to walk. I don't want to change your favorite shoes in the shower, so I followed the advice of a doctor, and he advised me to buy cream Varikosette. The tool is really very effective, I tried a lot of any kind of ointments and gels, but, honestly, not all of them have declared steps. Of an ointment, which I bought at the pharmacy, the men began a terrible allergy, skin rash and itching, had to take pills against allergy. With cream Varikosette any derivative of the action is not, with symptoms is fulfilled only in the ur. I now use it for prevention, to use high-heeled shoes has not been reflected negatively in my legs.
  • Ana
    I I have varicose veins in the legs were already beginning to form the nodes of the veins, to the night the legs strangely swollen and painful, I've tried a bunch of creams, and hope that this cream will help me get rid of the pain and the swelling had not, but as it was I was right. Swelling of the cream varikosette has not been removed, and that is of pain has delivered. Now in the evenings I can walk and not to make poultices to the legs. A good cream of expenses.
Customers Varikosette